Best of Bjørnar B.

My name is Bjørnar B. I love to draw and my biggest dream is to draw for Disney. (specially Donald Duck).


My interest for drawing started in the late 90's I'm now going in drawing scool and my Teacher gives me exellent grades! I was once in america I saw a lot of big mamas and a few big papas. I low to run and draw.


Early last year I went on a good 36 place in a drawing competion for swedish aged 12-17 my mum was real proud.

One of the greatest secret on EARTH

Before I tell you about this great thing you must fill this conditions:

(1) You must realise that everything you learn at school, papers and other "modern" surces not allways is true.
(2) You must follow exactly what I write
(3) Go away from your western way of think about soul and body. Todays medecine is very much wrong learning.
(4) You must really belive in what you read. your thinking must be like this:

     a) Everything is possible for a man like me
     b) Everything is possible for a woman like me

The youth source

In most of modern peoples history we have allways been seeking for a neverending life on earth. I can not give you a formula for a neverending life BUT I can learn you how to live to you reach 130 Years. I Bjørnar B. can guarantee you a life until you are over 100 years if you follow what I write on this page. You sure all have heard about the great wisdom that the Tibet monk has learned tru over 2000 years of studing the universe, the human body and the earth. You need to have some courage to belive in their wisdom and you can not be as everbody else you must be spesial and wice. This wisdom I will tell you about now is from a very special monastic order far up in the Tibetian mountains and very isolated from western cultur. In 1990 only 2 europeans had visit this holy place.

The 5 rituals
The first way to live long and stay healty to you are over 100 is simple the monk have somthing they call the Five rituals. This are som simple but hard exercises for sombody. NOTE: Everybody think that when the age rise the body will we weeker and fall together this is not true. A 100 year old man can have the same health as a well trained 25 year old person. In Tibet there are actually Monks who is 125 year old who can do the same work as a 25 year old man. I say: You can live in 100 years (25-125) without loosing a bit of your health.

A 70 year old man in europe or America can not do as much work or run as fast as an eurpean / American 25 your old man. All agree on that but a Tibetian monk of this specialy order can and ofen he is more fit and stronger then American / european man becuase of his knowlege of the body. But if you are a 70 year old man (euro or American) with a bad health you must not give up, if you really belive in what I writ you can gain youth and health again and become just as healthy as you were in your 30s. But for Christ sake you must really belive. And you must follow this rituals every day from now on and until your 130 birtday. Beefore I start to teach about the rituals I must tell you I can not tell you how the rituals work in the body it is to complex but later I will learn you also about this but first the rituals but remember YOU MUST REALLY BELIVE IN YOUR SELF and the monks of corse.

Ritual One
Everybody can easy to this ritual but remember you must NEVER over do this exercise then it will harm your body. NEVER take more than 21 times if you are a beginner or world champ. And always turn from left to right, If you get dizzy stop and progres slowly with number of turns you are doing. You can start with 3 turns each day and increase by 2 every week building up to 21 atlast

Turn max 21 times. Start with 3 a week and progres by 2 a week if bad shape then stop at 21 never go over this number. that is not good for the rest of the rituals

Part two: The four other rituals will come soon.