Best of Bjørnar B.

My name is Bjørnar B. I love to draw and my biggest dream is to draw for Disney. (specially Donald Duck).


My interest for drawing started in the late 90's I'm now going in drawing scool and my Teacher gives me exellent grades! I was once in america I saw a lot of big mamas and a few big papas. I low to run and draw.


Early last year I went on a good 36 place in a drawing competion for swedish aged 12-17 my mum was real proud.

3 types of obisity (fatness)

1) Goddamn (because of low Metalbolism)

They look like a white mountain which "dizzes" when they walk. This are generally depressed they like to hide from other people. (PS: This type do not need to eat so much because he easily get fat on the body.)

2) The exessive fat type (Extradorindary metalbolism)

This have big arms and have great muscual power. They typically discus throwers, Wrestlers or lifters. They have a more read body and are activ and out going. They do not "dizz" when they walk because of more muscle than type 1. The reason this get fat is what I call Stomach fire which means he eats tons of nutrisius food: Honey Meat Fish Sugar Fat and alot of Spice.

3'rd Obisity type

This type usually have a big head and wery big and hard stomach. This is from what i call Liver Stagnation that stops in the head and stomach and can not travel to the arms and feet and therefor they have skinny feet and arms.This is mainly because of alcohol abuse and exesive eating of Spice an meat.