Best of Bjørnar B.

My name is Bjørnar B. I love to draw and my biggest dream is to draw for Disney. (specially Donald Duck).


My interest for drawing started in the late 90's I'm now going in drawing scool and my Teacher gives me exellent grades! I was once in america I saw a lot of big mamas and a few big papas. I low to run and draw.


Early last year I went on a good 36 place in a drawing competion for swedish aged 12-17 my mum was real proud.


D. Duck being overdrived by B guys in a european Volvo lorry
D. Duck stucked by a bee and beeing hurt
There is something rotten in the pot
The innside process of the wind mill (Bakery)
The long expected annual Christmas party
How to give birth to a boy without interaction?
Do not go to bed with same sex or whith animal
"He is so fat"
"It is because he is lonly and feel sorry for himself"
How to become A Saint
Help the poor and sick
A Dollyball
Family Tree of D. Duck
An ilustrated Song of Vazelina Bilopphøggers
A Christmas greeting from Bjørnar B. a catepillar fungus (Santa fungus)
Feed the brain with alcohol
And get some
D. Duck hates Modern Music
Think it has degenerated
D. Duck jumping around in underwear
D. Duck do not belive in G. Bush
D. Duck is sorunded by fat people feel obese among them
I belive in and support Falun Gong
D. Ducks ant
Traditional Folk music by K. Naked and D. Duck
D. Duck hit The drum
A one leged Moose and a dozed gooz
Aunt Graze
The Amazing Graze
There were no Paricpans in the contest thewere in Middle East
D. Duck waters the flowers
D. Duck tries to chop wood but he cant do it
D. Duck sends up new year rockets
D. Duck Draws himself
Sitting drawing himself
D. Duck walks in the forest early in the morning
D. Duck goes for a swim
Some illustrated illnesses
D. Duck drives snow mobile on Bjorli
D. Duck takes Dasy for a ride
D. Duck throws an innflamed cucumber on a crazy teachers feet
A hymn to moderator Audun R
Bjørnar B. and Audun R. fishing on a fleet early in May
I crave sucor because i am pollen alleregic as my mother -Thomas
Kjell plays violin with a win glas on his stomach
D. Duck is doing Aerobics
A new draw of D. Duck jugling with 5 pumpkins
Bin Laden hunts D. Duck
D. Duck is driving a Train in the Rocey Mountins heading Flagstaff
Working out chest muscle with push ups
Hurten leg of D. Duck must be operated
D. Duck climpin in the Oak tree at home
D. Duck meeting the slim great Swedish distance runner Gunder Hägg
Ouie injeckting Epo into Doie befor He shall race Arne Anderson and Emil Zatopek
Uncel Jubalon eating fat cakes
A hymn to Kathrine from Seattle
Drumming Duck plays above hand and heads
Berd must be kept down using an old metall sacs
D. Duck is being borned "Wath it befor I make scrambled eggs of you"
Uncle Duck makeing porigde for ouie
Post dinner time at Duck's
D. Duck is in Soda hell he drinks Soda and eat dark sirup thats why he got all his acnes
D. Duck as little boy running in nappies
D. Duck is borned
D. Duck tries to eat Sushi before the Sushi eats him
Pope D. Duck is messing around with the local village girls
A Satan bird is crusing to Hell
Uncle Jubalon drinking liquid butter
D. Duck is a bed animal living innside outside
Scrooche has hiden himself in D. Ducks collar he is scared so his mouth chain is hurted
D. Duck stick his nepfew Doie with an sewinge
Uncle Jubalon is dashing throu the snow on his crosscountry ski
Mr. Duckenstein drawn thru a mirror for training
D. Duck in the lead of mens long jump on ski
Ucnle Jubalon has fallen trough the thick ice
D. Duck drilling after oil in the country
Donald reaching the half way point
D. Duck playing with his dragon he's so hapy lucky
Religon has gone to the head of D. Duck
The Gold winner on men's 5000 m is D. Duck
Stealing D. Ducks hand knitting
D. Duck picking potatoes in the autum
The antiterrorists with Daysi in the lead are attacing
D. Duck shoots on his dear loved nevus
D. Duck knows the answer on scool.
D. Duck is highjacket by aliens while he is trying to rescue a penguin
Somtimes iven I can miss with a draw
D. Duck is attacing Uncle Jubalon with a motorsaw
D. Duck saying hello
Oui celbrate that his loved uncle is hanging out in big troubles
The whole of the Disney famely wishes you a merry verry Christmas and a happy new year
D. Duck is hard in his childrising of Douie here he is stealing an Ostehøvel from Douie
D. Duck suprises every one in the traditional Christmas pardy
D. Duck coocing fish over the campfire with a big monster in backfront
D. Duck driving a converted sports car while he is asing him self what the heck is a converted sports car
D. Duck enjoying falling down the stairs celebrating it all with the American flag
D. Duck has just turned a seagull into a small man by only using one spell
D. Duck sliping in a pile of dirty laundry with a striped cat on top of him
D. Duck playing Gitar
D. Duck is been siting on by Uncle Jubalon
D. Duck angry at the wind "mølle" becuase he has bad memories of it
D. Duck eating a slim jim standing on 1 hand
Mr D. Duck enjoing a cake on the Norwegian way put it in the mouth and eat it
D. Duck jugling with 5 pumpkins while coocking spagetti
D. Duck making Doghnuts in the deep frigder
D. Duck filming Mini and Mickey wrestling
Oui Loie and Deveie: "Set us up the bomb"
D. Duck hiting his best friend with shovel. (Mickey Mouse)
D. Duck Prisoned in a balon soon he will be short of air
D. Duck going hard in against-hill
D. Duck eating a long bread with (very nutron)
Duei with an "ostehøvel". Lui is about to set his teets into a cheese stick.
D. Duck waving while running
D. Duck eating some fruit. (watermelon)
D. Duck coocks like mad becuase Dasi is coming in 10 minutes.
The fat uncle Jubalon.
D. Duck doing wintersports
D. Duck chasing. The bikes are a bit bad
Ooie Loie and Douie is pulling D. Duck down a ski jump on one ski.
The chef coock.
D. Duck is thirsting to death because the cup prize is put up
D. Duck in love gives Dasy a lovly flower.
D. Duck in big trouble running away crocodile Charls.
D. Duck has become muslim like Elguerosj
An angry D. Duck is fastened to a totem
D. Duck crazy mad after missing hit nr. 197
D. Duck finding a tresseaure
D. Duck chasing Oui Loui and Douie with a bottle
D. Duck winning jovelin Olympics Melbourn 1965
D. Duck passing the first hurdle in 3000 meter steeple chase
D. Duck watching the birds
Donald Duck shows his anger after he was fired from the buttar fabrik june -88
D. Duck working in the garden This one is good too
Mr D. Duck while Anton is dateing Dolly I concider this one of my best work ever
D. Duck want more Ice cream. Mickey Mouse skiing in Colerado
D. Duck finishing his second maraton spring -72
D. Duck winning Boston Marathon
D. Duck gaspering after air in a 2 mile race